Smart-Flex Abrasives
Abrasifs Smart-Flex

Abrasifs Smart-Flex

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The Smart-Flex abrasives come in two different series.


MULTI - These abrasives feature an Aluminum Socket that is crimped and glued for increased strength and lifespan. They are only available with one back support brush on the abrasive, another support brush can be added as a separate piece to increase sanding pressure.


ECO - These abrasives feature the abrasive attached to the plastic profile of the brushs using a special glueing technique for improved durability. They are available with one or two back support brushes on the same abrasive.


COMMON FEATURES - Both MULTI and ECO abrasives are made with natural Tampico fibre brushes and high-end abrasives. They also have the abrasive fingers ends trimmed to avoid any irregular scratching on the sanding surface.


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