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Loewer MiniSpin N Combi

MiniSpin N Combi
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La MiniSpin N de Loewer a été conçue pour le sablage de finition de formes irrégulières et ou profilées. Cette machine peut aussi bien sablé du bois et des produits dérivés du bois que des enduits de surface tel que les scelleurs et laques. 

Les pièces de travail seront déplacées manuellement par l'opérateur sur la surface des balais de sablage rotatifs.


**** Livrasion non-incluse, à être confirmer au moment de la commande. ****

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  • Diamètre Maximum de la brosse de sablage - 300mm
  • Épaisseur Maximum de la pièce de travail - 80mm
  • Vitesse de rotation de la tête de sablage infiniment variable, contrôlé par convertisseur de fréquence.
  • Moteur de 0.75kW
  • Voltage de machine - 110v / 1 / 60 Hz
  • Un ( 1 ) port d'extraction de poussière de 80mm.

** Dispositif de sécurité supprimé pour un visuel clair de machine.

THM Model 40/42 Speed Up


CNC Automation is proud to introduce their Speed-Up program for Thermwood Model 40's and Model 42's.


The Speed-Up program will dramatically increase the speed of your Model 40 or 42 router, almost up to the speeds of the current CabinetShop 45 machines.


Click Here to see a Video Comparison of a Model 40 with and without the Speed-Up.


For more infomation on the speed-up program, call us at (800) 421-5955 and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

This compact edgebander can run edging material of all types PVC, ABS, Melamine and Natural Wood Veneers, from both rolls and/or pre-cut lengths.


 Click Here to see a Video of the B70 K in Action !


For more information on the Lange B70 K or to schedule a demonstration, call us at (800) 421-5955.

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Technical Features

Workpiece Thickness

10mm - 50mm

Workpiece Width

min. approx 80mm

Workpiece Length

min. approx 220mm

Edging Thickness

0.4mm - 2.0mm

Parting from Reel max.

1.0 x 55mm, 2 x 45mm

Electrical Connection

400v, 50Hz, 3Ph+N

Total Load


Heat Output Glue Pot


Heat-up Time

Approx 4 min.

Air Connection

6 bar

Working Height

Approx 880mm


Approx 1800mm x 700mm x 1300mm (without turntable 800mm)


Approx 260kg

The Lange B70 K Edgebander includes the following:

  • Machine table fitted with 13 angled feedrollers for better workpiece guidance.
  • Edgeing feed-in synchronized with belt feeder.
  • Digital adjustment of edging thickness.
  • Pneumatically operated cut-off knife from roll material.
  • Three pressure rollers.
  • Belt feeding unit 0.25kW, approx 1200mm long, feed speed approx 6m/min, 50mm wide feedbelt consisting of thick, worksurface protective rubber. Digital display for thickness adjustment.
  • Glue application directly to workpieces. Bottom infeed of glue granules resulting in spill proof glue pot. Quick heat-up time after machine stoppage.
  • Flush trimming unit for front and back edge, Automatic setting from workpiece, cutting of suitable edging by pneumatic knife.
  • Two powerful 0.4kW high frequency, variable 4000rpm - 18000rpm router units for flush trimming top and bottom edges with vertical feeler probes and horiztonal guides, reducing adjustments by digital readouts. Cutters are 70mm with 4 wings and radius of 2mm / 15-deg.
  • 100mm Central extraction pipe, two swarf extraction hoods with 60mm hose.
  • Automatic height adjustment of top router with feedbelt.
  • Worktable approx 1800mm long, pull-out wide workpiece support bar, approx 300mm extendable.
  • 800mm Turntable for edgebanding reels.